Clinical Trials Unit

We act as the Academic Research Organization (ARO) and provide comprehensive, academically oriented planning, coordination, and management of single or multicenter clinical trials and pre-clinical studies. Our expertise include complete project and site management, clinical data management, efficient feasibility and start-up phase coordination, contracts conclusion and quality assurance (inc. establishment of independent trial committees: executive, steering and data monitoring.

A full array of medical services is available in 80 clinics based across three teaching hospitals and other municipal hospitals i.e. Norbert Barlicki Memorial Teaching Hospital No. 1, Military Medical Academy Memorial Teaching Hospital– Central Veteran Hospital and Central Teaching Hospital. There are 2809 hospital test beds and 1600 clinicians currently being employed. Number of patients treated annually accounts to approximately 86 000.

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Our Team

Zdjęcie pracownika - Ireneusz Staroń
Ireneusz Staroń

Head of Clinical Research Section, MA Project manager with 5 years’ experience in an international environment, currently leading a multidisciplinary…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Wojciech Fendler
Wojciech Fendler

MD.PhD. specializing in statistical analysis and translational medicinie. Head of Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine. With researches from the…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Agnieszka Czupryniak
Agnieszka Czupryniak

Research and Development Coordinator Project manager, EU law and funds, innovation and technology transfer expert, experienced in R&D projects, having…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Marzena Bielińska
Marzena Bielińska

Clinical Trial Specialist, MSc A microbiologist with a drive in molecular biology. For 3.5 years, she has been managing clinical…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Anna Szmigiel-Woźniacka
Anna Szmigiel-Woźniacka

Lawyer, MA Advocate, with the Clinical Research Section of the Medical University of Lodz associated since 2017. A graduate of the…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Marek Gajewski
Marek Gajewski

Certification Specialist in SOREST mattress project Over 10 years professionally involved in enterprises innovation development in Poland. Co-founder of numerous…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Krzysztof Różanowski
Krzysztof Różanowski

Measurement system designing expert in SOREST mattress project Alumnus of the Military University of Technology, doctoral degree obtained at the…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Łukasz Pamuła
Łukasz Pamuła

Student of the 4th year of Pharmacy. Currently a trainee at the Clinical Trials Unit of the Medical University of…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Aleksandra Feliksiak
Aleksandra Feliksiak

Clinical Trial Specialist, MA Highly motivated individual with 2,5 years experience in the clinical trial industry currently supporting and running…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Izabela Stanisz
Izabela Stanisz

Clinical Trial Specialist, MA A graduate of Medical University of Lodz. With the Clinical Research Section associated since 2018. Support…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Jagoda Malik
Jagoda Malik

Clinical Trial Quality and Safety Assurance Coordinator A graduate of the Medical University of the Lodz (Medical Biotechnology) and University…

Zdjęcie pracownika - Marcin Mitał
Marcin Mitał

Clinical Trial Quality and Safety Assurance Coordinator Graduate of the Medical University of Lodz. Experienced clinical trial coordinator and innovation…